Long-term Approach 

Rome was not built in a day and neither will be your wealth. Investing is a process that is like anything else that is difficult in life. It takes commitment and discipline to a principles-based process. Meaningful results may not be seen until years down the road. Being able to maintain faith in this process, especially during periods of market volatility is paramount. My job is to help you stay committed to your long-term strategy and remain focused on the better days ahead during those times.


The investments are the fuel that gets your car down the road. I believe in using only the highest-quality investments for my client’s portfolios. These investments are time-tested and been able to weather all storms that they have encountered over decades of various market conditions. 
Investment Research:
Rigorous research rooted in fundamentals and analysis is performed before making any investment decisions. Both macro (i.e., economic/market conditions) and micro (i.e., stock valuation metrics) factors are evaluated to determine the appropriate investment decision. 

Balancing Risk and Reward

An investment strategy will be designed based on the individual’s goals and tolerance for volatility. Each client will be assured that they are investing appropriately based on their comfort level for risk. My goal is to achieve a rate of return that allows you to achieve your goals. Meaning, I do not seek out any more risk than you need. 


Diversification is the key to mitigating losses in the short-term and smoothing out returns over time. A well-diversified portfolio is made up of investments that encompass all asset classes. This will help to balance out your returns over time.
Review and Maneuver Accordingly:
The markets are not stagnant forces. As time goes on, your allocation mix will be constantly evaluated, and your portfolio reviewed to make sure opportunities are being capitalized on and risks mitigated. This does not mean day trading, but a more tactical approach based on how the markets are moving.